Introducing Customisable Necklaces

Posted: July 2023

I’m delighted to be able to share some news with you. Here at Paula Wilkinson Jewellery, I always strive to give you the best shopping experience. Thanks to your valuable feedback, I am thrilled to introduce a new addition to my necklace collection.

Your Desires, My Priority

Your happiness is important to me, and I’ve listened to your requests for alternative chain lengths when purchasing necklaces. Your wishes have inspired me, and I have been hard at work to enhance your experience and to introduce a new special feature just for you. 

Discover Three Stunning Chain Lengths

It is my pleasure to be able to give you the choice of three alternative chain lengths so you can select the right length to fit comfortably around your neck and create the look you desire. 

Sixteen (16 inches / 40cm): This delicate length sits gracefully on your neckline. 

Eighteen (18 inches / 45cm): A classic and popular choice, elegance for every occasion. 

Twenty (20 inches / 50cm): For those who love a longer necklace, making a graceful statement wherever you go.

Your Style, Your Story

Your jewellery is more than just an accessory; it's an expression of your personality and the stories you carry with you. These new chain options enable you to customise your look and create a piece that reflects your own individual style.

Explore the Magic Today

I invite you to browse Paula Wilkinson Jewellery necklace collection, experience the magic of handcrafted necklaces with customisable chain lengths and I hope to bring you the perfect necklace that resonates with you.


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